Company overview

The company eDevelopment is the transformed e-business division of LOGIN company. eDevelopment was founded in early days of 2003 to achieve following goals:
1. Improvement of service quality
2. Alignment company organization to "rapid-change" needs of market

These goals shaped the company strategy, based on three pillars:

1. LOGIN continuity
Since 1995 LOGIN has implemented over 40 e-business oriented solutions as well for local Slovak companies, as for multinational companies. The IBM Lotus Domino/Notes platform has been used as primary technology. These project created knowledge capital, based on real business conditions. The flag-ship methodology and pattern product - AMISmaster - will be further developed and used in new "collaboration" projects. eDevelopment staff is experienced and qualified by IBM certification program.

2. Change of service providing
We are aware of rapid-change business environment. There are (and will be) customer specific needs. On the other hand, we are able to "crystallize" common business framework form customer requirements. That's why we create and deploy solutions according to "pattern-based" paradigm. This procedure is a way for best needs/cost ratio as compromise between product and project oriented delivery.

3. Change of company management philosophy
We need to be more flexible, too. We have to address "ad-hoc" and "specific" needs of customers. The company culture is based on liberal principles, that induce staff responsibility, customer orientation and teaming.






Technological components

Project methodology

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